You can change a life…

Becoming a sponsor with Empowering Education International is easy and life-changing! Your financial gift will provide a full scholarship for a child living in poverty to go to school, and give them the opportunity to build into their future and change their life.

Your monthly donations will pay for:

  • Required school uniforms
  • Registration costs
  • School supplies and books
  • Transportation costs
  • Tutoring/Educational support
  • Daily nutrition

Additionally, your sponsorship will support tutoring programs for him/her to receive academic support in a loving, encouraging environment.

Our Promise

Empowering Education International is committed to using every dollar of your donation to help the precious children sponsored.

We pledge that at least 90% of every dollar given be used for the direct benefit of your sponsored child.

The remaining funds are used for program needs and the essential staff both Stateside and abroad whose efforts make this program possible. We also promise to remain completely transparent.

Sponsor a child now!

Sponsoring a child is a simple $40/month recurring donation that can be set up by clicking the link below. All donations are tax-deductible, and all personal and financial information is kept completely confidential.

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Even if you can’t commit to a regularly monthly payment, you can still help! You can make a one off donation today that will make a real difference to a child’s life, by clicking the button below.

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