Hillside in Honduras

During the summer of 2004, Hillside connected with a startup church in Danli, Honduras, Iglesia Llamado Eterno (Eternal Calling Church) and met Pastor Arturo and his wife, Ruth. A common love for service, helping the poor, and spreading the message of Christ bore a long-lasting, fruitful relationship between these two churches.

Since 2004, Hillside has traveled to Honduras to host VBS programs, soccer tournaments, construction projects, medical brigades and other ministries in the city. On an annual basis, Hillside gathers a team together to go for a week in the summer to serve in Honduras on a mission trip.

In 2011, after going on a mission trip with Hillside, Whitney Warner and Isabel Hawkins began the Honduras Education Project with the goal of connection children in need with Hillside families wanting to help.

The program began with 11 children living in poverty and unable to afford the expenses of going to school. Each year, the program has grown to help more children and in 2013 Whitney and her husband, Sean Warner, decided to move to Honduras to expand the program and better support the children in their education.

Alongside Pastor Arturo and Ruth, Sean and Whitney have worked to minister to the children and their families through the church and support their education through the After-School Project that tutors over 200 children in computers, English, Spanish, and math.

As of 2017, the Honduras Education Project sponsors 170 children to go to school.

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