La Urrutia

About La Urrutia

La Urrutia is a small community just outside of Danlí. The community began after a massive flood in Danlí in 2011. Families who had lost everything in the flood were relocated to this remote community where there was no access to clean water or electricity and forced to start over. From the beginning the local Danlí church, Llamado Eterno, has worked together with HIllside Community Church of Fort Worth, TX to help these families in great need.

After years of hard work, the community now has running water and electricity in most homes and over 100 children are sponsored through Empowering Education International. Llamado Eterno has worked faithfully over the years to begin children’s, youth, men’s and women’s ministries in the community and has seen great spiritual growth over time.

About Danlí

Danlí is a small city located about two hours from Honduras’ capital, Tegucigalpa, and very close to the Nicaraguan border.

Honduras is the third poorest country in the western hemisphere (behind Haiti and Nicaragua). Its economy rests on its coffee and banana exports. Lack of resources and cultivable land greatly hinders the economic progress of the country.

It has an estimated population of about 50,000. This small city is known mainly for its production of cigars and corn. Because of its altitude (2,673ft above sea level), the temperatures stay relatively cool for this topical region. Surrounded by mountains and gorgeous topical wilderness, it is certainly a beautiful place to live.

However, despite the breath-taking views, the skyline of mountains, and the sea of luscious green that surrounds you, what makes Danlí so special are the people. This town is filled with such warm, good natured and loving people. People are overjoyed to let you into their homes, share with you what little they have, and talk about their lives. They are open and kind. The children, though with so many responsibilities grow up too fast, are very quick to love and desperate to be loved in return.

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