Our Mission

Believing that all children are created in the image of God who holds great plans for each of their lives, Empowering Education International helps children living in poverty to create a brighter future for themselves, their families, and their communities through education.

Our Vision

To be an international ministry that empowers children in need, to break the cycle of poverty, by supporting their education as well as their physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.

Putting it into Practice…

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    The Whole Child

    Empowering Education International believes that long-lasting, true change is only possible when the needs of the whole child are addressed. Believing that education is key in the future of any child, EEI begins with making sure the child receives everything needed to go to school and receive support with that education.

    However, only addressing this one area of the child’s development would be incomplete and insufficient. EEI works with local churches, ministries and organizations, and volunteers to meet the physical needs as well. Children are regularly visited and checked-on to make sure they are receiving the nutrition and medical attention needed for them to grow healthily.

    Finally, we believe the most important change happens in the heart. Children in the EEI program are connected with their local evangelical church and pastor to be taught and shepherded as they grow in the love, truth, and hope of Jesus Christ.

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    The Whole Family

    Understanding that the child’s largest influence in their development is his/her family, EEI volunteers use the scholarship as a door to minister to the entire family. Parents attend monthly meetings and are taught how to raise their children with Biblical values, discipline, and faith. They are counseled and shepherded by our partner pastors.

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    The Whole Community

    EEI works improve not just the lives of individuals and their families, but entire communities. Coordinating efforts from local churches, mission teams, and volunteers, EEI helps to bring clean water, food, medical care and safe housing to the impoverished communities of sponsored children.

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    The Whole World

    Empowering Education International believes that CHANGE is possible in every corner of the Earth and that the HOPE of Christ is for every man, woman, and child living on God’s creation. We prayerfully look for opportunities all over the globe where children are in need of a brighter future.

Our Faith

In the Authority of the Bible

We believe that the Bible is inspired by God and as Christians we are to follow and obey scripture in all aspects of our lives, ministries and occupations.

In Salvation through Christ

We believe that Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, came to Earth to pay the penalty for our sins. Through Him, we are made holy and given eternal life.

In Reaching the Lost

We believe that God loves those who are far from Him and that Jesus Christ came to seek and save them. As the lost are important to God, they also are important to us, His followers, and His church.

In Caring for the Poor

We believe that the Bible commands us to serve and care for the poor. By doing so, we are following the example of Christ, obeying the second commandment to “love your neighbor,” and showing God’s love to His children.

Our Commitment

  • To honor Jesus Christ in all we do
  • To work closely with the local church
  • To make sure sponsored children are consistently going to school
  • To support each child as an individual with unique strengths and needs
  • To be transparent with our finances and your donations