What We do

Our Approach

Empowering Education International (EEI) is committed to a long-term approach to fighting the cycle of poverty plaguing many parts of the world. We believe that long-lasting change only occurs when the the needs of the whole child are met: physical, educational, emotional, and spiritual. EEI works to connect children living in poverty with people desiring to make a difference.


Once a child is sponsored, our first goal is to make sure they are in school, an opportunity all too often taken away from those without resources.

The sponsorship provides the child in need with everything they need to attend school: required uniforms, school supplies, costs of registration and transportation, etc.

Sponsored children are also supported academically by local staff, missionaries, and volunteers in their education with tutoring in needed areas.


EEI works with the local churches to offer support in the child’s physical well-being and growth. This often includes medical and dental clinics and brigades, feeding programs, and wellness checks.

Parents of the sponsored children are able to request financial assistance with serious physical concerns or medical needs.

Also, part of the sponsorship mothers and fathers receive a monthly stipend to help cover ongoing expenses of the child. This is necessary to make sure the child is getting the nutrition and care they require.


Believing that true change is only possible through a relationship with Jesus Christ, sponsored children and their families are connected to the local Evangelical church and encouraged to get involved in Sunday School classes, kids and youth programs, and weekly services.

Families attend monthly meetings where they are counseled in how to care for their children with love, grace and discipline and raise them with Christian values of honesty, integrity, and responsibility. This is a crucial part to the mission as we acknowledge the child’s home is the largest influencer in the formation of their character.


Children chosen to be in the program are selected based on their financial need. Many children admitted into the program have been unable, or are greatly struggling, to afford the required costs of schooling.

Once admitted into the program, the children and their guardians are required to turn in all grade and attendance reports, as well as attend monthly parenting classes. This allows are local staff to make sure the children are going to school, committed to their education, and experiencing success.

If a child’s reports cause concern, the local team is able to intervene by working with the child’s parents and teachers.

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